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Welcome to our Website!

Welcome to our newly updated website! We have a few taken time over the summer to update our website by adding a few new features, removing clutter, and working to make it more useful for our WA Choir Community. We hope you enjoy the changes, which are highlighted below.

Stay Connected

This strip on our homepage links to a few new places.

Connect leads to our social media page with further links to our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds.

Sights + Sounds leads to a lead of photos and videos which will automatically update as we we post to Instagram and Facebook.

Volunteer leads to the page with information about our parent booster organization with information about how to get involved! Contact leads to an email portal with opportunities to contact either choir director.

Our Home page also features a schedule of upcoming performances, and a video feed.

WA Choir Notepad

Stay up to date with WA Choir goings on by following us on social media, and by checking out our new Blog page: WA Choir Notepad. New posts will be added periodically, written by Mr. Smith, Ms. Currie, and by a variety of students.

Just for Parents

Parents! We have updated your pages as well. Please visit our Get Involved page to learn how to support your child's choir experience by volunteering with POPA. Is your student ready for the next step? Take a look at Keep Your Student Singing for information regarding voice lessons and summer camps.


We have been asked in the past if we are able to take donations, and the answer is yes! All donations are 100% tax deductible.

For the first time, we are now able to accept donations electronically as well. Please visit our Giving page if you are interested in learning how to donate. Donating online is now very easy and is secure through the school webstore.

We hope that you enjoy our updated website. Please contact us if there are any issues.

Have an idea for a feature that you would like to see on our website? submit it here!


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