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The three best things that you can do to support your singer's musical development are:

  1. Encourage a habit of daily practice

  2. Consider private voice lessons

  3. Keep your student singing over the summer

Keep Your Student Singing!

Taking the next step with private lessons:

Students who wish to take their singing to the next step should consider taking private voice lessons. Private lessons give students the opportunity to receive one-on-one feedback and instruction from a professional musician. This allows students to develop their technical skills and musicianship in a focused, personalized environment. Most voice teachers schedule weekly private lessons. To find out more about how you can get your student in private lessons, please contact a choir director!

Summer musical experiences:

Students who stay involved with music over the summer have an easier time retaining and developing their skills. Summer music camps can be fun, educational, and musically rewarding experiences for students. Having positive musical experiences outside of school is an important step in becoming a life-long learner of music.


There are many summer camps out there, however the following are a few that we recommend. In most cases, there are opportunities for both merit and need-based scholarships through the camps. If you are interested in finding out more about potential scholarship opportunities, please contact a choir director.


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St. Charles, IL

Sing! is a one-day choral workshop designed for students who have finished the 8th grade through 19 years of age, interested in the art of small ensemble singing. Wonderful nuance, subtle dynamic changes, impeccable intonation, satisfying blend and slight shifts in vocal color are all elements choristers love to experience in choirs of all sizes. In our fun, relaxed and energized one day workshop, you will have an opportunity to explore these qualities and more with some of the most experienced and talented chamber singers around.


Click the photo to see the brochure for more information.

Illinois Summer Youth Music (ISYM)

Champaign, IL

ISYM is a 1 week summer music camp hosted by the University of Illinois. Students will experience the Big-Ten campus by living in the dorms, eating in the dining halls, and working with faculty from the University of Illinois, as well as others from around the country. Sessions are offered for choir, band, orchestra, and musical theater. 


Click the photo to see the website for more information.

Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp

Twin Lakes, MI

Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp, a summer school of the arts located on a 1,400 acre campus in Michigan’s Manistee National Forest, offers fine arts education for all ages. Each summer, the principal camp program serves more than 5,400 gifted elementary, junior high, and high school students with diverse programs in music, art, dance, and drama while offering more than 175 performances during its Summer Arts Festival. Blue Lake also operates a widely acclaimed International Exchange Program and two public radio stations. Since its inception in 1966, Blue Lake has provided cultural enrichment to more than 300,000 gifted students and countless concert-goers.


Click the photo to see the website for more information.

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