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Your donation is appreciated!

​There are many artistic and educational experiences that we hope to provide to our students beyond the classroom. These experiences may include travel, clinics, working with guest conductors, custom arrangements, skype sessions with composers, and more.

We have many hard-working and artistically passionate students for whom paying for any size trip or participation fee would be an economic hardship. Your gift to West Aurora Choir is 100% tax deductible and will be used to make these formative experiences accessible to our students. 

Donate Your Time

The Choir department at West Aurora High School depends on assistance from our booster organization Patrons of the Performing Arts (POPA) to support many of our program expenses throughout the year. 


POPA relies on the support of parent volunteers. If you are unable to make a monetary donation at this time, please consider donating your time to POPA. There is plenty of work to go around! For more information on how to support PoPA, click below.

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